Turkish politics

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02/04/14, Missing votes and mystery power cut cast doubt on Turkey poll (The Times)

31/03/14, Crisis-hit Erdogan claims poll victory (The Times)

31/03/14, Opposition fears new crackdown on dissent after Erdogan poll triumph (The Times)

31/03/14, Erdogan’s critics fear crackdown after Turks deliver his party a victory (Christian Science Monitor)

28/03/14, Erdogan blocks YouTube over leaked war plan (The Times)

27/03/14, Turkey bans YouTube as Syrian incursion plan is exposed (Christian Science Monitor)

21/02/14, Erdogan aims to keep power in Turkey (The Times)

13/01/14, Law reforms spark brawl in Turkish parliament (The Times)

05/10/13, Erdogan in frame to run for president (The Times)

01/10/13, Turkey: Reform package gets tepid reception (Eurasianet.org)

29/05/12, Caesareans are a plot to stop our nation’s growth, claims Erdogan (The Times)

07/03/12, Leaked security email claims Turkish Prime Minister is terminally ill (The Times)

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03/05/11, Turkey: Sizing up the Impact of Sex on Politics (Eurasianet.org)

19/02/11, Arrest of anti-government journalists in Turkey sparks row with US (The Times)

10/12/10, Inquiry into Ozal ‘assassination’ (The Times)

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13/09/10, Turks say “EVET!” to constitutional reform (SETimes)

09/09/10, Turks to vote on constitutional changes (SETimes)

11/05/10, Turkish opposition leader Deniz Baykal, 71, resigns over sex tape (The Times)