27/09/14, Turkey demands action to oust Assad in exchange for joining coalition (The Times)

11/12/13, Is Turkey helping international jihadis head to Syria? (Christian Science Monitor)

17/06/13, Send us weapons via Turkey, rebel leader urges US (The Times)

31/05/13, Suspected terrorists arrested after potential chemical weapons seized in raids across Turkey (The Times)

11/05/13, Turkish border tests Syrian refugees for chemical weapons (The Times)

10/05/13, Assad massacres are an ethnic cleansing strategy, says Turkey (The Times)

09/05/13, I was tortured and jailed for being a Sunni, says refugee (The Times)

30/03/13, UN attacks Turkey for ‘returning refugees to Syria’ after camp riot (The Times)

13, 02/13, Syria rebels capture MiG warplanes as death toll nears 70,000 (The Times)

12/02/13, Rebels seize hydro-electric dam as border blast kills 13 (The Times)

01/02/13, Nato deploys Patriot interceptors ready for Assad chemical bomb (The Times)

10/01/13, Iranians freed as Syrian rebels and regime exchange prisoners (The Times)

08/12/12, Russia warns Nato of border crisis after Patriot missiles go to Turkey (The Times)

11/10/12, Turkey says seized Syrian plane was carrying Russian weapons (The Times)

09/10/12, Syrian refugees fear crisis as winter approaches (The Times)

08/10/12, Turkish shells creating buffer zone, rebels say (The Times)

05/10/12, Turkey hits back but has ‘no intention of going to war’ with Syria (The Times)

05/10/12, Tempers simmer in Turkey: “If they push us, we will have no choice” (Der Spiegel)

04/10/12, Turkish villagers thrust into center of Syria-Turkey tensions (Christian Science Monitor)

11/09/12, Government troops ‘killed by rebels’ posted on YouTube (The Times)

10/09/12, Foreign rebels target Assad (The Times)

04/09/12, Damascus accused of stoking unrest among Turkish Kurds (The Times)

03/09/12, Rebels target army HQ as Assad takes battle to the skies (The Times)

01/09/12, Fears grow of sectarian war as foreigners flock to fight Assad (The Times)

30/08/12, Assad dismisses Syria buffer zone plans (The Times)

29/08/12, Exodus floods Turkish camps as car bomb kills 12 at funeral (The Times)

28/08/12, In Turkish border city, Erdogan’s backing of Syrian rebels draws ire (Christian Science Monitor)

28/06/12, Turkey moves troops and guns to Syrian border (The Times)

02/04/12, Arab states promise ‘pot of gold’ to regime fighters who join rebels (The Times)

14/12/11, ‘Every day there are martyrs, every day I do this’: the Free Syrian Army’s hopeless courage (The Times)

14/12/11, Regime insiders want Assad to fall, says former envoy (The Times)

13/12/11, Syria’s doctor hero killed trying to flee over Turkey border (The Times)

30/11/11, Turkey imposes sanctions on beleaguered Assad regime (The Times)

22/11/11, Turkish fury as Assad troops are blamed for pilgrim attack (The Times)

18/11/11, Turkey ponders imposing ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria (The Times)

16/11/11, Syrian rebels attack military base in Damascus suburb (The Times)

16/11/11, Turkey threatens to cut power as 70 die in Syria clashes (The Times)

07/10/11, Families pay grim price for defectors’ stand (The Times)

23/09/11, ‘They would come back without an eye, one had been castrated. It was inhuman’ (The Times)

19/09/11, Syrian boy, 11, shot in head during class boycott (The Times)

19/09/11, Turkey: How Much of a Safe Haven for Political Dissidents? (

16/09/11, High-ranking defector ‘sent back to Syria by Turkey’ activists say (The Times)

09/09/11, Assad isolated after Iran calls for end to bloody crackdown (The Times)

06/09/11, Iran in secret talks with Syrian opposition (The Times)

06/09/11, Syrian snipers ‘shot refugee dead’ after he fled across border (The Times)

05/09/11, Syrian forces kill 14 during hunt for defector judge (The Times) 

02/09/11, Assad faces cash crisis as EU bans Syrian oil imports (The Times)

24/08/11, Dissidents form council to fight Assad regime (The Times)

17/08/11, Assad troops force 40,000 to flee protest neighbourhood (The Times)

16/08/11, Assad rejects secret plan for a peaceful handover and offer of asylum in Spain (The Times)

13/08/11, We only kneel before God’ protesters say as they defy Assad’s rule (The Times)

12/08/11, Obama ready to demand that Assad quits as killing goes on (The Times)

11/08/11, Turkey warns Assad to end the killing as tanks attack border towns (The Times)

10/08/11, Assad defies growing international anger and presses on with crackdown (The Times)

09/08/11, Hague launches fresh attack on Syrian violence as tension grows with Turkey (The Times)

06/08/11, Attitudes to Assad put Turkey and Iran on course for collision (The Times)

21/07/11, ‘There’s a war in Syria – but only one side has weapons’ (The Times)

24/06/11, Tensions rise as Syrian forces near Turkish border (SETimes)

24/06/11, Refugees flee as troops hit village near Turkish border (The Times)

22/06/11, Red Crescent ready to cross border to help refugees in Syria (The Times)

21/06/11, Angry protesters slap TV screen with shoes as Assad offers vague concessions (The Times)

10/05/11, On Turkish border, concern over events in Syria (SETimes)

09/05/11, Boy, 11, killed as Syrian raids spread (The Times)

30/04/11, Thousands of Syrians defy gas and bullets in ‘Friday of Rage’ (The Times)

29/04/11, ‘If they kill us, they kill us. But we will not sit in our homes’ (The Times)

27/04/11, Supplies running out as Syrian troops tighten grip on rebel cities (The Times)