Soma mining disaster

22/05/14, ‘Someday there will be a massacre’ (Newsweek)

20/05/14, Toxic gas ignored at Turkish death mine (The Times)

18/05/14, Turkey mine bosses arrested after disaster (The Times)

17/05/14, Turkey mine disaster: “I cut off all hope when the poison entered my throat (The Times)

16/05/14, ‘I’ve so many friends still down there’ (The Times)

16/05/14, Turkish PM’s aide beats up grieving protester at disaster mine (The Times)

15/05/14, Picture of Turkish PM’s aide Yusuf Yerkel kicking protester fuels anger over disaster (The Times)

15/05/14, Fury as ‘murderer’ Erdogan appears (The Times)

15/05/14, Boy, 15, believed to be among the trapped at Soma (The Times)

15/05/14, Rescuers ‘descend into hell’ in search for hundreds of miners (The Times)

15/05/14, Miners say safety declined after Turkey privatized Soma mine (Christian Science Monitor)

14/05/14, Hopes fade of finding more survivors of Turkey mine explosion (Christian Science Monitor)

14/05/14, Turkish protests as at least 245 killed in mine disaster (The Times)

14/05/14, Explosion kills 205 and leaves hundreds of Turkish coalminers trapped (The Times)

13/05/14, Turkey coal mine explosion: Did lawmaker’s warning go unheeded? (Christian Science Monitor)


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