ISIS (The ‘Islamic State’)

14/10/14, Turkey stuns US by denying coalition jets use of key base (The Times)

13/10/14, Turkey allows US to use bases in fight against Islamic State (The Times)

09/10/14, Bloodshed in Kobani forces Turkey to choose between foes (The National)

08/10/14, 14 die as Kurds riot in Turkey over ISIS battle (The Times)

08/10/14, Kobane backlash: Rage among Turkey’s Kurds risks opening old wounds (Christian Science Monitor)

07/10/14, Race on to identify jihadis send back to Isis in hostage swap (The Times)

07/10/14, As ISIS take Kobane, NATO’s second largest army sits on sidelines (Newsweek)

07/10/14, Islamic State: Why is Turkey hesitating to prevent fall of Kobane? (Christian Science Monitor)

03/10/14, Turkish MPs vote to join US action in war on ISIS (The Times)

19/09/14, Exclusive: ISIS starts recruiting in Istanbul’s vulnerable suburbs (Newsweek)

18/09/14, Why NATO ally Turkey won’t fight the Islamic State (Christian Science Monitor)

30/01/14, Turkey sends tanks into Syria to fight al-Qaeda (The Times)

21/11/13, Jihadi groups ‘devour’ Syria’s revolutionary children (Christian Science Monitor)

26/10/13, Al-Qaeda strives to build Islamic state in northern Syria (The Times)

23/10/13, Hanged and beaten by ISIS, but activist escaped to tell tale (The Times)


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