Human rights & press freedom

26/03/14, Turkish court suspends Twitter ban, but will Erdogan comply (The Times)

22/03/14, Turkish leader faces worldwide backlash after ban on Twitter (The Times)

21/03/14, Turkey bans Twitter- and Turks make it trend worldwide (Christian Science Monitor)

13/03/14, Funeral of teenage boy prompts protests in Turkish cities (The Times)

12/03/14, In Turkey, teen’s funeral becomes latest spark for anti-government protests (Christian Science Monitor)

13/02/14, Turkey PM forced media boss to drop headline (The Times)

07/02/14, Erdogan clamps down on internet before polls (The Times)

06/02/14, Turkey passes strict new Internet law as PM Erdogan battles corruption leaks (Christian Science Monitor)

05/08/13, Dozens jailed for ‘plot’ against Turkish Prime Minister (The Times)

01/08/13, Erdogan accused of McCarthy-style witchhunt (The Times)

20/07/13, Police in Turkish protest deaths freed amid round-up of activists (The Times)

28/06/13, Turkey puts on pressure to control Twitter (The Times)

18/06/13, Turkey threatens to crack down on social media ‘agitators’ (The Times)

03/06/13, ‘Reformer’ in a land that jails reporters (The Times)

23/05/13, Tweet by convicted Turkish journalist repeats ‘religious insult’ (The Times)

16/04/13, Turkish pianists Twitter barbs land him conviction for insulting Islam (Christian Science Monitor)

26/10/12, Turkey accused on press freedom (The Times)

19/10/12, Turkish pianist Fazil Say in court over tweet that ‘insulted Islam’ (The Times)

02/10/12, Prison officers jailed over death of activist as rights fears grow (The Times)

23/07/12, Turks turn to Twitter as Erdogan muzzles traditional media (Christian Science Monitor)

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