Gezi Park protests

07/13, Occupy Gezi: From the fringes to the centre, and back again (The White Review)

23/07/13, Turkish government hunkers down as world spotlight fades (Christian Science Monitor)

22/06/13, Turks upset at German intervention over anti-government protests (The Times)

19/06/13, ‘Standing man’ leads protesters in peaceful resistance (The Times)

18/06/13, Young Turks join ‘standing man’ protests after arrest of performance artist (The Times)

17/06/13, Erdogan intensifies crackdown on Turkey dissent (The Times)

16/06/13, Clashes after Turkish police end park occupation (The Times)

15/06/13, Doctors who helped demo injured are put on hit list (The Times)

14/06/13, Erdogan announces reprieve for Gezi Park after talk with protesters (The Times)

14/06/13, Erdogan enraged by EU rebuke over police violence (The Times)

13/06/13, ‘End the protests, we have been too soft,’ says Erdogan (The Times)

12/06/13, ‘Do you expect me to kneel?’ Erdogan orders riot police to crush protests (The Times)

12/06/13, ‘They gas us just after proposing talks. Can you believe it?’ (The Times)

11/06/13, ‘No more tolerance’: Erdogan sends police to clear protests (The Times)

11/06/13, Erdogan ‘dragging Turkey into the fire’ over elections (The Times)

10/06/13, Biggest Istanbul protest ahead of Monday ‘crackdown’ (The Times)

10/06/13, Turkey’s tech-savvy protesters turn to Twitter (The Times)

10/06/13, In Turkey, echoes of US-style clashes over glitzy redevelopment (Christian Science Monitor)

08/06/13, Erdogan accuses EU critics of hypocrisy (The Times)

08/06/13, Warring football fans unite in Turkey protests (The Times)

06/06/13, US concern at violence rejected by Turkey (The Times)

06/06/13, Turkey’s tumultuous week does little to rattle bulldozer Erdogan (Christian Science Monitor)

05/06/13, Dignified in defiance: Girl in the red dress (The Times)

05/06/13, Turkey softens line as protests restart (The Times)

04/06/13, Second protester dies in Turkish protests as PM goes on Africa tour (The Times)

03/06/13, Turkey’s leader Tayyip Erdogan blames Twitter ‘menace’ as protests grow (The Times)

01/06/13, Police pull out of square as protests spread through Turkey (The Times)

01/06/13, Teargas fired at Turkish protesters in park (The Times)


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