“December 17/25” corruption scandal

24/03/14, Erdogan lied to the nation to save himself, says rival (The Times)

22/03/14, Online trio who lead the alleged leaks (The Times)

21/03/14, Erdogan bans Twitter as corruption claims spread (The Times)

20/03/14, Turkey shipped arms to Nigeria, leaked tape claims (The Times)

12/03/14, Erdogan accuses rival of ‘bedroom blackmail’ plot (The Times)

10/03/14, Bribe scandal dogs Erdogan on hustings (The Times)

08/03/14, Erdogan may ban Facebook and YouTube over sleaze leaks (The Times)

25/02/14, Calls for Erdogan to resign over leaked tapes (The Times)

14/01/14, Turkish police accuse aid group behind Gaza flotilla of links with al-Qaeda (The Times)

29/12/13, The Gulen movement: a self-exiled imam challenges Turkey’s Erdogan (Christian Science Monitor)

27/12/13, Erdogan fights for survival as scandal engulfs his son (The Times)

26/12/13, Call for Erdogan to quit as he is engulfed in corruption scandal (The Times)

23/12/13, Accuse me and I’ll break your hands, Erdogan tells foes (The Times)

21/12/13, Erdogan’s cronies ‘took bribes to help Iran beat sanctions (The Times)

19/12/13, Police chiefs sacked as Turkish PM strikes back (The Times)

18/12/13, Mass arrests drag Turkish PM into corruption scandal (The Times)

18/12/13, Turkey power struggle pits Erdogan against former ally (Christian Science Monitor)

17/12/13, Once-staunch ally turns on Erdogan in corruption probe (Christian Science Monitor)


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