I’ve won a prize…

Partly, this blog is intended to provide diverting commentary for people interested in Turkey’s politics, society, and environment. But mostly it’s a crude vehicle for my own rampant and unashamed self-promotion.
In that spirit, I’d like to announce that a documentary I made earlier this year with the Syrian-Dutch filmmaker Rosh Abdelfatah, edited by Dani Elias, has won a prize. “Inside Syria”, which we filmed for VBS (the news wing of Vice) in June, has won a best documentary prize at the peculiarly-named Lovie Awards.*
If you haven’t heard of them, that may be because this is their inaugural year; they are intended to be a European equivalent of the more obviously-named Webby Awards, covering media content produced for the Internet.
Here is the documentary; for some reason the version currently posted on the Vice website is missing text, such as the credits, explanatory captions, and names of interviewees. The version linked here is as it was originally aired:
Some of you may be interested to know where I honed my ‘award-winning’ presenting skills. Well look no further. Before moving to Turkey, I worked as a reporter on several local newspapers in Sussex, south of London, where my beat involved covering major stories such as this:

You can almost taste the gravitas, can’t you? TV producers: my contact details are on the blog.

*Here you can find out why the Lovie Awards are so named.


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