A week reporting on the Van earthquake

I plan to post a fuller account tomorrow of my experiences of a week reporting from the region around Lake Van that was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last Sunday. For now, here are the links to my stories on it:

24/10/11 – The Times – “Up to 1,000 feared dead in Turkish quake”
24/10/11 – Christian Science Monitor – “Turkey earthquake: digging out, fears of more casualties”
25/10/11 – The Times – “Survivors spend near freezing nights on streets”
25/10/11 – Eurasianet – “Turkey: Earthquake response “improved”, but still sparks frustrations”
26/10/11 – The Times – “Born again: baby pulled from quake ruins”
26/10/11 – Christian Science Monitor – “Turkey earthquake rescue efforts push ahead despite ethnic tensions”
27/10/11 – The Times – “Grief turns to anger over ‘botched’ quake relief”
27/10/11 – Eurasianet – “Turkey: Is quake widening Ankara-Kurdish rift?”
28/10/11 – The Times – “Teen in miracle rescue from Turkey’s quake rubble”


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