Turkey votes…

Aengus Collins and Yigal Schleifer, both of whose blogs fall firmly within the ‘too good to be free’ category, have done a collaborative question/answer session ahead of today’s Turkish elections. Essential reading in my opinion.

One among several interesting insights from Aengus Collins, in relation to Turkey’s shift out of the EU sphere:

For all the problems of the EU-Turkey relationship, it has been one that has constantly pushed Turkey to improve itself.
The same can’t be said of this new ‘democratic model’ narrative that has arisen in response to the Arab spring. On the contrary, there’s risk is that it will encourage a sense of complacency on the Turkish side by allowing the country to consider itself a democratic leader rather than a laggard as it has always been in the EU context. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

Here’s my own pre-election piece for Eurasianet.

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