Wikileaks: the Turkish reaction

Here is a slightly belated link to a story I did for Eurasianet on the Wikileaks fallout in Turkey.

The big revelation touted by the Al-Hayyat newspaper in London – which claimed to have a sneak preview – has not yet materialized: the allegation that the US has been funding the PKK.

Interestingly though, a Wikileaks promotional advert has caused a stir. It shows a door opening on a room full of secrets with the Wikileaks ‘hourglass’ standing in the doorway. Inside there sits a picture of none other than Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- the beloved founder of the modern Turkish Republic. (He’s just to the left of the door, hard to see, for a better look go here.)

Inevitably, this has caused some heated speculation in the Turkish press about what lies in store. It’s difficult to imagine that in the 8,000 cables in which US diplomats opine on their host country, there will not be at least something mentioning Ataturk.

If the diplomats have included some less-than-glowing remarks about Turkey’s ‘holy of holies’, I think we can expect US popularity here to take yet another battering.


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