Economy v Ecology

The Ikizdere Valley near Rize. Photo courtesy of, and copyright owned by, Kenan Eksi

I’m writing a lot at the moment about a draft nature protection law currently waiting to be debated in the Turkish Parliament that has disastrous implications for ecology in Turkey.

I’m planning a longer post about the draft law itself, which is an appalling damaging piece of legislation. In the meantime, here is an article of mine that appeared last week on this issue at SETimes, and specifically on the battle being waged by ecologists and locals in the Ikizdere Valley in northeast Turkey to stop the construction of 22 dams.

From the story:

Turkey’s burgeoning population and economy are posing an increasing threat to its vast ecological wealth. The population is booming, with an average age of 28. Its economy — projected to expand by 7.3% this year — is the fastest growing in Europe, and second only to China in the G20. 

It’s wildlife riches are equally impressive. A major bird migration hub, and positioned at the meeting point of three ecological regions, the country boasts nearly as many species as the rest of Europe combined.


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